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If your business growth is not happening fast enough, It's time to get out of your own way, stop sabotaging, procrastinating, overthinking or being timid in your business.

Big results come from showing up in a bigger more confident way. This live and immersive training with your host Fabienne Fredrickson will help you do exactly that AND show you how to enjoy the journey while fully reaping the rewards that should come from being a successful business owner.

  • πŸ’° Use your mindset to create bigger results

  • 🌱 Learn how to thrive in uncertain times

  • πŸ“ˆ Grow your business faster with confidence

  • πŸ’– Make a BIGGER impact through your work

  • ☺️ Enjoy the journey - business is meant to be fun

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Friday, February 19th

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An Easier Approach to Growth

In this captivating, immersive workshop, you'll discover Fabienne's 3-part process that will quickly assist you to find that next level of impact income in your business with confidence and certainty.

The last 12 month period has arguably been one of the hardest in a generation. If you have been tested, pushed and stretched in these uncertain times, this online workshop will help you see the path ahead with heightened clarity and focus.

Sometimes, to take that next few steps forward we must pause and find a different approach. The Mindset Intensive is the space where you ill discover that different easier approach are needing right now.

Knowing if this is for you or not

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Meet Your Host, Fabienne Fredrickson

Hey, this is me

Hello, my sweet friend, my name is Fabienne Fredrickson, and chances are we haven't met yet but my hope is that we're about to change this.

Over the past twenty-something years, I have gone on my own journey in business that probably isn't too dissimilar to yours. Lots of highs, lots of lows, plenty of roadblocks that needed overcoming and all while juggling family, home life and my own dreams and aspirations!

Business, as you know, isn't easy - it finds a way to throw challenges constantly, and every time we think we've figured it out, the game likes to remind us that we have something more difficult to learn. I've overcome all of these challenges, and been a 7-figure business owner for more than 13 years now, by applying powerful mindset principles that work every time.

Hopefully, this where I get to come in for you.

What I know for sure, is that to go up a level or two, we need to spend time with those who've completed them before us. It took me some time to figure out the best way to build my business, but when I did, it was like all the puzzle pieces just clicked in together. Fast forward some, and what we teach and how we teach it has seen my methods featured by Forbes, New York Times, Inc. Magazine and so on. My mindset teachings, the ones I'll be sharing with you during the Mindset Intensive are the ones that thousands of women are using to make millions a year collectively.

The point of my story though is not to say 'look at me', the point is to say that I can help you do amazing things, and we can do it together for free through The Mindset Intensive. If you'll join me, I will teach you things that truly have the power to change your life and improve your business. I know this because I have been doing these workshops for over 10 years now and the impact for thousands of women in business around the world has been something I'm so proud of.

Life is too short to spend too long figuring out the work/business stuff alone, that lets you lead the life you love with those who matter most. I hope you'll come along...

Fabienne Fredrickson x

The Mindset Intensive

Free Online Workshop

It's time to get out of your own way & finally hit your next big level in business. This live and immersive training will help you do exactly that AND show you how to enjoy the journey while fully reaping the rewards that should come from being a successful business owner.

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There is no catch, this online workshop is absolutely free. We're confident you will discover a new, more powerful way to approach your business to start achieving more of the results that you're looking for. This free session is a taste of a bigger program we offer and if you like what you hear over the course of the free training, we will invite you to join us for the full 3-day Mindset Retreat if it speaks to you.

Quite simply, this content is perfect for anyone who has a business or is serious about starting one. If you're an author, coach, consultant, entrepreneur or seasoned business owner - this video training is the right place for you. You will discover valuable tools and strategies to action immediately (crafted from decades of experience). There is no cost and the potential outcomes you may achieve as a result are limitless.

Tune in with a ready to learn attitude and be sure to have a tablet/notepad/scrapbook and pen ready to go to take notes and learn.

The Mindset Intensive Workshop takes place on February 19, 2021 at 10am London (GMT) / 11am Paris (CET).

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Disclaimer: Results may vary. As with any educational product, the results you achieve using Boldheart's System are ultimately your responsibility. At this online free workshop there will be opportunities to continue your education and rapidly grow your business through paid programs, however these programs are completely optional and you will get amazing content from this free workshop either way. We look forward to serving you in growing and building your business!